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  • Skyrise Scrimmage Event



    Congratulations to our new E-board members. The following will be your E-board for the Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 academic year.

    President: Sebastien Nunez

    Vice President: Hamlet Jaquez

    Treasurer: Brandt Dillon

    Secretary: Michael Euceda

    Marketing Manager: Shouri Fukura

    Quartermaster: Marek Gozdz

  • Election Speeches Today!

    Hey Everyone!

    Today we will be starting our annual elections. Today, April 19th, any eligible candidate will be giving their speech for the position they will be running for during our weekly meeting. Come by and hear what they have to say and do not forget to vote in the online polls. The polls will open sometime after this weeks meeting. Thank you

  • Robotic Games!

    This Wednesday March 12th we will be having our Semesterly Robotic Games event in place of our weekly office hours. We will be posted by the Taco Bell in the NJIT Campus Center. Hope to see everyone there


    Hey everyone!

    On Wednesday March 19th (possibly changed due to common exams) we be having our yearly elections for the NJIT Robotics Club E-board members. Email will be sent out to those who are qualified to be a candidate for an E-board position. If you received an email, please respond ASAP so you can be considered for a position.

    Wednesday March 19th will be speeches and online polls will be open afterwards. The polls will be closed Tuesday March 25th and one Wednesday March 26th the results will be known to all members and the new E-board members will begin their training.

    Come by Wednesday March 19th so that you can make the right decisions on who you want for your E-board!

  • Robotic Awarness Day, NJIT Minicon & Office Hour Updates
    Hope everyone had an awesome Spring Break! Now that we are back we have to come back to reality and continue the hard work that every member exemplifies. That being said there are a few updates to be given.
    First off our office hours have been modified a bit to add extra hours on Friday. The new hours are as followed:
    Mondays 1-6 PM
    Tuesdays 2-5 PM
    Wednesday 1-6 PM
    Thursdays 2:30-5PM
    Fridays 9:30 Am – 4 PM
    Any other time by appointment
    Next we have a few event coming within the week.
    On Wednesday we are having our Robotic Awareness Day in the campus center starting at 3PM until about 4:30 PM. This will take place of our weekly meeting
    Finally on Sunday March 26th we will be hosting our Robotic games event at the NJIT Minicon from 11:30 AM to 5PM.
    Hope to see everyone soon!
  • Welcome to the Spring 2017 Semester!

    Hey Everyone!

    We hope that you had a great winter break and enjoyed your days off of classes. But sadly the new semester has finally come and now everyone has to get back into school and working on projects.

    Starting Wednesday January, 25th we will being having our weekly general body meetings at 3 PM.

    Any events that we have this semester will be announced through our facebook, Website, and general body meeting.

    Also, we are proud to announce our office hours for the Spring 2017 semester:

    Mondays 1-6 PM

    Tuesdays 2-5 PM

    Wednesday 1-6 PM

    Thursdays 2:30-5PM

    Fridays 9:30 Am – 1 PM

    Any other time by appointment

    -NJIT Robotics E-Board


    Have a great semester!

  • Finals are upon us all!

    Hey Everyone!

    We wanted to inform everyone that there will be no more office hours for the rest of the semester. We will resume office hours next semester with updated hours to come in the future.

    We at NJIT Robotics club wish everyone a good luck on finals and hope everyone has Happy Holidays and a great winter break!

  • Office Hour Update!!!!!

    Hope everyone is having a great semester! Even though the semester is starting to come to a close, we hope to still see everyone participate within the club. To reiterate our hours due to a few changes in the e-board schedules:

    • Monday from 1pm- 6pm
    • Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm 
    • Wednesdays 1:30pm-6:30pm
    • Thursdays 9am-12pm, 1pm-3pm and 4pm-6pm
    • Fridays by announcement in our general member groupme
    • Weekends by appointment

    Hope to see you guys at the club to finish off this semester strong!

  • Robotic Games!

    Hey guys!

    Tomorrow, Wednesday November 2nd, we are having our Robotic Games event from 3-5pm in the Campus Center by the Taco Bell. In lieu of this this, we will not be having our weekly meeting this week, but the room will still be opened for members to work on projects. Instead we encourage our members to come to the Robotic Games event.

    Hope to see you guys there!

  • NJIT Reverse Career Fair

    Hey guys!

    send your resume to vicepresident@njitrobotics.com if you would like your resume featured at our booth in this years Reverse Career Fair (tomorrow). If you have any questions feel free to email us at the above email.

    Good luck to everyone at tomorrow’s Career Fair from everyone here at the NJIT Robotics Club!

  • First Meeting 9/13/2016

    Hello guys,

    Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of our weekly meetings. The meeting starts at 3pm at GITC 2314. There will be a lot of information given out tomorrow so we hope you can make it! Hope to see you there!

  • Welcome Back to NJIT

    Hey to all the new students and returning students alike. We at the NJIT Robotics club hope everyone had an awesome summer and is ready to get back into the swing of it at school. We wish everyone good luck success this fall semester and hope to see you guys soon!

    We wanted to inform you guys that the first week of classes (the week of the September 4th) we will not have any office hours. Office hours will be decided and posted ASAP. Office hours will begin the second week of classes. The final schedule for office hours are TBD